Succession and M&A

Solid preparation and effective implementation are the foundation for success.

With our experience of more than 20 years and our grown network, we stand at your side in the management of company succession as well as in the acquisition and sale of companies.

On the right track into good hands

The management of company succession is a particularly complex challenge and mostly an emotional process. We are your reliable partner in all phases of the handover process: from preparing the documents and determining the value of the company to finding the right buyer and signing the contract. You always keep control!

With discretion and commitment

A clear implementation plan, our resilient network and the experience of our dedicated senior team are the foundation for highly qualified project implementations and successful acquisitions. For the campaign, we create a qualified list of suitable buyers and approach investors, companies and strategists always in agreement with you. We guarantee discretion and a structured approach.

Impetus for growth and diversification

Company takeovers are not usually part of your day-to-day business - but they are for us! It is important that there is a strategic fit, that the purchase price is reasonable and that the risk manageable. Tax issues and solid financing also play an important role. We prepare the project with you and implement it according to your specifications.

In this way, a successful takeover is feasible for any company!

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